How To Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Profitable Business Even If You're Short On Time.

Note: If you’re short on time but filled with the passion to turn your hobby into a business that generates consistent income, this course is for you.


Your hobby is more than a side hustle!

In this training, we are going to learn how to run your hobby like the business that it is, so sit back, get really stinking proud of your work, and start taking ownership of this killer hobby you’re about to call a full-blown, income-producing business.

This is for: 

  • The worn-out mom that needs to find pieces of herself again.
  • The busy woman that’s juggling life by day and running a side hustle by night. 
  • The stressed-out entrepreneur that struggles to find the balance between being present and making a profit.
  • Anyone that’s short on time but full of dreams to turn their hobby into consistent income.


Hey, I'm Melissa

I’ve dedicated the past two decades of my life to learning how to build profitable businesses and teaching you how to do the same. I grew my businesses in a season of raising babies, chasing toddlers, battling the never-ending housework, and hiding in my closet until midnight to focus on the things that brought me joy, made me feel like myself, and added a few extra bucks to the grocery budget. And while it felt impossible at the time, I learned how to turn that closet hobby into a business that not only covered the weekly bread and milk, but carried the finances for my entire family. And it’s all inside of my FREE training.

What I'll Be Teaching:

The secret behind turning your hobby into a business. I’ll let you in on a little secret before you even sign up: this isn’t as hard as people make it seem and I’m going to teach you how easy the shift can be!

The mistakes you’re making. It’s okay. We all make them and we don’t even realize it. This training will help you uncover 3 of the biggest mistakes that are holding you back and keeping you from making money.

The 3 C’s to turning passion into profit. Clarity. Content. Consistency. My recipe for getting up close and personal with your brand in order to make money for yourself, your family, and your personal passions.

Are you ready to turn your passion into profit without dropping anything you’re already juggling?